Mercari Tech Conf 2018


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About Mercari Tech Conf

Mercari Tech Conf (MTC) is a technology conference introducing the future business direction and the technological challenges of the companies of the Mercari Group to fellow engineers.

Event Overview

The theme of Mercari Tech Conf 2018 is Evolution. At this second annual conference we will introduce how the Mercari Group has evolved over the past year, and the changes yet to come.

In addition to various talk sessions, there will also be exhibition booths run by our various engineering teams as well as an after party with food and drinks provided. We hope all attendees can take advantage of this opportunity to socialize and network with your fellow engineers.

▽ Title:

Mercari Tech Conf 2018

▽ Date and Time:

Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 10 AM − 8 PM (doors open at 9 AM)

▽ Location:

Roppongi Academyhills (Mori Tower 49th Floor, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

▽ Event Overview:

Various talk sessions, exhibition booths, and an after party

Details can be found on the Mercari Tech Conf 2018 official website below (the page will be updated on a regular basis).

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Website: https://techconf.mercari.com/2018/

Please follow the official Twitter account (@mercaridevjp) for more updates, announcements, and information!

MercariDEV Twitter: https://twitter.com/mercaridevjp

▽ Things to Bring:

Please show your Peatix ticket (QR code) at the reception desk.

Ticket Types:

  • General Admission (including after party): can attend all content including the after party. Unfortunately, there isn't enough space at the after party to accommodate everyone who attends the talk sessions. If you want to come to the after party, make sure to apply early.
  • General Admission (not including after party): can attend all content excluding the after party.
  • Student Admission (not including after party/free of charge): can attend all content excluding the after party. Free entry for students (must show student ID card).

Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation into English and Japanese will be provided for all sessions.

After Party

An after party will be held at the same venue as the conference once all sessions have finished.

Engineers from a wide range of teams at Mercari will participate in MTC2018, including employees from our US offices. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Mercari engineers and other MTC participants.

Important Information

Please note that photos and videos taken by our staff at the event may be used on blogs, the Mercari Tech Conf homepage, and other locations to illustrate the activities at the event.

Other Information

  • Receipts can be issued from this site. Please see here for more information.
  • Inquiries about the ticketing system should be directed at Peatix.
  • If you would like to cancel your attendance please see here.
  • For members of the press who would like to cover the event, please contact us at the following email address: pr-mercari(at)mercari.com.
  • Please replace (at) with an @ mark in the above address.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please use this form to contact the event organizers.

We look forward to seeing you at Mercari Tech Conf 2018!

Mercari Tech Conf について

Mercari Tech Conf(MTC)は、株式会社メルカリをはじめとするメルカリグループ各社が、これから目指す方向や、これから取り組む技術的なチャレンジについてご紹介するエンジニア向けの技術カンファレンスです。


今年で第2回となる「Mercari Tech Conf 2018」では、テーマを「Evolution(変化)」として、この1年間でメルカリグループ内に起こった、もしくは起こりつつある変化をご紹介します。

各種セッションに加え、昨年好評をいただいた各エンジニアチームによる展示ブース、そしてお食事やお飲み物をご用意したAfter Party(懇親会)もございますので、是非エンジニア同士の交流の場としてもご活用ください。

Mercari Tech Conf 2018

2018年10月04日(木) 10:00〜21:00(受付開始 09:00)

六本木アカデミーヒルズ(東京都港区六本木6丁目10番1号 六本木ヒルズ森タワー49F

各種セッション、展示ブース、After Party(懇親会)

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 ウェブサイト: https://techconf.mercari.com/2018/




  • 一般参加(有料 / 懇親会あり):After Partyを含むすべてのコンテンツに参加可能です。会場の都合上、セッションに参加いただける人数よりもチケットの枚数が少なくなっております。After Party参加を希望の方はお早めにお申込みください。
  • 一般参加(有料 / 懇親会なし):After Partyを除いたすべてのコンテンツに参加可能です。
  • 学生(無料 / 懇親会なし):After Partyを除いたすべてのコンテンツに参加可能です。入場時に学生証の提示をお願いいたします。



After Party(懇親会)について



イベントの様子をスタッフが撮影いたします。これらの撮影物(写真・動画等)はMercari Tech Confの活動報告としてブログ・ホームページ等に使用・掲載させていただくことがございますので、予めご承諾願います。


  • 領収書の発行は本サイト内で可能です。コチラをご確認ください。
  • チケットシステムについてのお問い合わせは、Peatixへ直接お問い合わせください。
  • キャンセルについてはコチラをご確認ください。
  • 取材等ご希望のメディアの方は、Email:pr-mercari(at)mercari.comまでご連絡ください。
  • その他ご不明点がございましたらコチラを参考にイベント主催へお問い合わせください。

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Thu Oct 4, 2018
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM JST
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一般参加(懇親会あり) / Attendee (With After Party) SOLD OUT ¥3,000
一般参加(懇親会なし) / Attendee (No After Party) SOLD OUT ¥2,000
学生(懇親会なし) / Student (No After Party) FULL
Venue Address
港区六本木6−10−1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー49階 Japan
Mercari Tech Conf